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Nowadays we think a lot about food and water quality, because we want to live long and healthy life. We always ask ourselves a lot of questions. What am I eating? Where was it produced? What kind of water is it? Is it clear?

However, in life’s crazy rhythm we sometimes forget about our small friends. For sure they want to live long and healthy life too. So why don’t you concern about quality of water your pet drinks?

Smart Water Fountain will help your fluffy buddy drink always clear and fresh water.

Always Clear and fresh water

  • Activated zeolite screens and effectively removes dangerous both for people and all animals heavy metals:  lead, mercury, iron, fluorine and other heavy metal ions from water.
  • Activated carbon is very effective in removing at least 81 chemicals, effective in another 30 and moderately effective for 22. It also removes bad tastes and odors.
  • Ceramic filter clears water and fully removes residual chlorine. Chlorine increases risk of cancer, damages cells, can result heart problems, etc.
  • Calcium sulfite exterminates bacteria in water your pet drinks. These bacteria could be dangerous for every living organism and lead to different health problems.

Totally silent water pump

Sleeping is a very important and pleasant part of our life. For example, if the average night’s sleep is eight hours , then human sleeps for one third of one’s life. If you live, say, 75 years, that means you sleep 25 years! 

You’ve tried several water fountains, but you can’t sleep because all these sounds those fountains produce. However, you want your friend to drink fresh water. Where to find solution?

Here! You can sleep all night without any handicaps! Smart Water Fountain’s pump is totally silent. Yes, totally silent! It won’t disturb your dreams or scary your pet. It is also totally waterproof; thus you shouldn’t worry about any “night water leaks”.

Water level reminder

Smart Water Fountain has built-in water level reminder. When water level is low, it turns on red lights. That’s its way to tell you, that it is time to refill your fountain and protect your friend from thirst.

You don’t have to worry about different electricity issues or even fire in your house. Smart Water Fountain automatically turns water pump off when there is no water. Thus the pump will not overheat or flame up.

other awesome features

HUGE Capacity

Totally waterproof

Energy efficient

Smart water fountain

  • 💧 YOUR CAT SHOULD DRINK CLEAR WATER. This water fountain filters your pet’s water using 4-layer filtering. Activated zeolite scree heavy metal’s ions in water. Calcium sulfite exterminates bacteria. Activated carbon removes bad tastes and odors. Ceramic filter removes residual chlorine.
  • 💡 FIND THE MOST CONVENIENT WORKING MODE FOR YOU. Smart Water Fountain works in 3 intelligent modes. Normal – continuous watering. Smart – works 30 seconds every 30 minutes. Fancy – 1-10 seconds random spray.
  • DON’T WORRY THAT YOUR PET WILL BE THIRSTY. First of all, huge capacity (3 liters) gives your opportunity not to refill fountain in days. Usually cats drink about 200 ml of water per day. Smart Water Fountain also has a water level reminder. When water’s level is low, it turns the pump off and turns on red lights, that tell you to refill your fountain.
  • 😴 SLEEP DEEPLY AND HAVE SWEET DREAMS. Smart Water Fountain’s pump is totally silent. Yes, totally silent. It won’t disturb your dreams or scary your pet. It is also totally waterproof; thus you shouldn’t worry about any “night water leaks”.
  • ⚒ WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. We give one-year warranty on our Smart Pet Feeders. Feel yourself free to contact us, if you have any issues or complaints in using this device. You’ll be surprised with speed and quality of our service!

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Smart Water Fountain by FEED'EM

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