Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

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“This product exceeds my expectations. It’s a great feeder with quality camera and mic so I can see and talk to my kitty.” – Barb T

  • Automatic Feeding
  • HD Video Camera
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Battery Backup
  • Free App for Android or IOS
  •  1-year Warranty

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+ 1 additional year of warranty

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25 reviews for Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

  1. Such a great device, perfect scheduled feeding, excellent camera quality. Made leaving our cat alone less heartbreaking.

  2. I love this!!! Its so nice to view your pet when you go to work or out of town. It’s so fun seeing what they do all day! I can talk to him and even check in on my place. The camera is wide angled and takes clear pictures. Zooming in is blurry but it’s expected. Portion sizes are awesome to choose from. Set up was a little bit difficult but I messaged the support team and they were so quick to help me out and I love that they are real people and pet owners and that they care. This product is worth every penny. I was concerned about the plastic causing acne issues for my cat so I will be placing a glass bowl for the kibble to fall into. That’s the only thing I would change with this product. I recommend it and the app is super easy to use!!! Would definitely purchase again!

  3. Très bonne machine fiable. Et facile à gérer à partir de l’applicationz

  4. I enjoyed working with the seller. When I received the product, I had a couple of questions regarding the product’s ability to work without wifi. The seller was in touch from the moment the product was sent and responded to all my questions in a matter of minutes. Great service! The product itself looks very modern and easy to work with. I love the fact that it has a camera.

  5. Amazing product. Saves time and gives you security about your cat beheivor while you are away from home. Easy to manage and install, best cat feeder in the market.

  6. Very good quality. I bought my for girlfriend and her dog, and she was amazed. The app especially comes in handy.

  7. GREAT PRODUCT! Makes sure your pet is fed, even if you’re not at home

  8. Arrived within 24hours at my door. Exactly as described. Incredible that we can feed remotely and watch through the almost 180 degree camera live and talk to our cats and hear them as well! Great product.

  9. This feeder was fairly easy to set up. The wifi instructions are clear enough, but one does need to be patient and careful in following them. The video quality is excellent. The smartphone app is easy enough to use for setting up and tweaking a feeding schedule, manually dispensing food, and watching the video. The vendor emailed a PDF manual while the feeder was in transit, giving me a chance to prepare. Turns out the vendor is extremely accessible and helpful. And there’s no monthly fee for the smartphone access (I guess you pay for it in the price upfront).

  10. Absolutely LOVE this product. The timed, portioned feeding has been so freeing. We are able to manage our cats diet so much easier now! I love being able to check in and talk to her when away on short trips.
    My only wish there was just one more slot for a feeding time as her portion control still requires one more feeding on top of the for single portions I give her with the feeder.

  11. We love the following:
    • easy to set up
    • our cat stopped meowing at us to feed him in 2 days
    • avoids overfeeding by taking the human out of the feedings
    • can see him eating but rarely use this option
    • he knows the feeding times now and waits for it!
    • smallest portions are 1/8 of a cup
    • makes a noise when it drops the food
    • holds a lot

    What we don’t like
    • he has broken into it by pushing his paw up, but only gets a couple of pieces
    • it’s pretty big and ugly

  12. Very pleased with this feeder. App makes the setup quite easy, and the webcam picture is quite clear. I’ve only had it for a couple days so no idea about long term durability, but build quality looks good, with secure latch for food reservoir.

  13. Exactly as advertised. Easy set-up. Excellent communication

  14. I normally don’t write reviews but this pet feeder and more importantly the company are the best.
    My little dog loves the feeder and it’s working fantastic. I love how I can check on her anytime I’m away from the house. Set up was super easy to do.

    The customer service was spectacular. Had one very small issue with the feeder when it first arrived and the response was super fast and they did everything to make sure the problem was resolved.
    The product is great but the customer service really shines!
    You wont regret this purchase!!!!

  15. Fantastic product. Sometimes I would have come off wifi and use cellular data for it to work remotely, but I’ve never had an issue with this product. The specific quantity feature is wicked

  16. This item solved a lot of our problems. We have a very high maintenance cat, and we had tried other manual feeders only to have her break into them. This is awesome. Not just a manual feeder but also basically a babysitter for our cat. I’ve had it for 6 months and no problems. Love how easy it is to use the app!

  17. I have been testing the feeder out for four months now, and I am now convinced that this is a quality product that does exactly what it says that it should do. Don’t waste your time trying out other “automated” or “smart” (stupid?) feeders like I did. No more hungry kitty with this feeder. I now trust that kitty is getting his meals ON time EVERY time!

  18. Ordered 2 of them and one worked great; the second one kept losing internet so reordering another one.

  19. Good product, love it. Hope the app can improve a bit so that the camera won’t be loading too long

  20. Product is not as reliable as expected. Food pellets empty out most of the time but sometimes voids are created that prevent more food from falling down. I hacked the machine and added an agitator that I designed on my 3D printer. Now it works flawlessly and we don’t have to worry when away from home that the cat will starve to death.

  21. I ordered 2 of these for when i’m gone for the holidays so I can still keep track of my cats. They work great for keeping my cats fed in the middle of the night and not waking me up instead. The app is simple to use and really handy, connecting to the camera is quick and its very clear, having scheduled feedings set up works great as well. I had a mild defect on one of the feeders I ordered and their customer service dealt with it extremely fast and had a new one at my door in 3 days, all around very pleased with these feeders.

  22. The feeder was extremely well packaged. The unit is very accurate and easy to use. The remote app works very well. I would suggest adding an email notification that is triggered when the unit delivers food. The camera is crystal clear as is the audio. We are very satisfied and woud raise our assessment to excellent after at least two years of operation

  23. Love this feeder. Works great. My cats run to my voice recording and I love that I can get rea-time video updates of how my cats are doing . Love the live video feature. Had a slight tech issue and it was resolved right away with professional and prompt customer service. Definitely recommend. Makes me feel better about leaving my cats alone and that I can check on them. And plus now they don’t wake me up to feed them. Worth the price. Good product. Thanks.

  24. This product exceeds my expectations. It’s a great feeder with quality camera and mic so I can see and talk to my kitty.

  25. I compared this automatic feeder to so many different brands online as well as a new kickstarter one that offered to ‘have it all’ in one feeder dispensing food and water only to see a lot of bad reviews from their buyers. I ended up buying this Feed’em brand in August and the shipping is quick. If you’re one who wants it all for your pet – be able to check in and monitor them while at work during feeding time or at any time, this is the one to get. Their app was easy to install and pair with wi-fi, once your account is created it’s easy to log into the app on multiple devices, schedule automatic feeding and it was spot on, the camera was high definition clear on both Andorid and iOS. There’s a video recording feature I haven’t tried which I had no need for yet. But loved this feeder enough I got my brother one of these the next month and he loves the fact the wide angle camera can act like a security cam in his house.

    Although it had a problem, I believe it may have been the type of dog food I may have put in there that caused clogging inside the machine. Don’t put in the little crunchy Milk Bone dogfood (ones that look like little dog bones). This company’s support staff are so nice though, the company is shipping me a new replacement free of charge no questions asked. Simply hassle-free.

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Product Description



Smart Pet Feeder is equipped with a built-in HD video camera. It is a high resolution (1028*790p) camera with 130 degrees wide angle lens; thus you’ll see every inch of your apartment. Now you will be in touch what is going on while you’re not at home.

You can record a video or take a screenshot, which will be stored on your smartphone or TF card. Share photos via Facebook with a simple touch of your finger.


Protect your friend from overeating and control its diet from your smartphone.

Schedule up to 4 automatic meals. With the help of our mobile application, you easily choose the time to feed your friend and portion’s size (from 10g to 100g). Schedule up to 4 meals a day, which will be automatically delivered at the exact time. Receive a pop-up notification on your smartphone when food will be delivered. Use manual feeding to promote your friend.

All feeding statistics are in the app and you can access them anywhere 24/7. Therefore, you can even record an audio greeting, that will be played every time food is delivered.


Smart Pet Feeder gives you the opportunity to talk with your pet in real-time even when you’re not at home. What if your dog is calling you?

Be near your fluffy friend when you’re at work or on vacation. Remember, that we are responsible for whom we tamed and pets miss us. Don’t make your friend bored!

Evermore, you can listen to what is going on in your apartment. Maybe your cat or dog is calling you or just having fun.


Use our FREE mobile application to be near your Friend. We’ll backup you when you’re on vacation or at work. Receive notifications when your pet was fed and don’t worry.

The easiest connection ever: open application, input WiFi password and put the smartphone in front of the camera! That’s it! Smart Pet Feeder will do the rest. A free and user-friendly mobile application. Available both on Android and IOS.

It is really easy and fun. Try it!




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