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FEED’EM is a Canadian-based company (Montreal, Quebec), specialized in Pet Supplies. Our brand is at the registering stage at CIPO. We believe that people are responsible for who they tamed.


We want to make the lives of our fluffy friends easier and more pleasant. We believe that new technologies must work not only on people’s purposes but animals too.


  • Awesome customer service. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our efficiency and pace. You can contact us via email, Facebook, Instagram, live chat or contact form on our website.
  • Free “3-day” shipping. Our shipments are fulfilled by Amazon, and you’ll get your purchase in 3 business days. Moreover, shipping is free all over Canada.
  • High-quality products. Every product is tested before shipping. There is no chance that you will receive a broken item. However, you have 14 Days Money Back Guarantee if you won’t be satisfied with your purchase.

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Adoption compared to buying a pet

You adore animals, you have enough room and enough time to take care of a small kitty or puppy. However, you have several options. First, you can acquire it in a pet store; or you can adopt it.

Best dog breeds for children

You must make very important decision – which breed to take?  Which dog breed is best for children? What if this dog is dangerous? What if it doesn’t like kids? We’ll try to make a TOP 5 dog breeds for children.

Become SPCA Montreal volunteer

Do you want to help animals find new homes? Do you want to protect them from hunger and bad people?
Do you want to contribute? Become a volunteer of SPCA Montreal.

How to understand if your cat is ill?

It is Fall in Canada and all of us should be careful about our health. It is easy to catch flu or cold, when weather is changing 3 times a day. However, we should not forget about our pets. They are vulnerable too. In next few paragraphs I will give you some advises on how … Continue reading How to understand if your cat is ill?

Overeating is dangerous for our beloved pets

Overeating is dangerous Battle with excess weight has become actual problem not only for people. Nowadays huge number of pets (both cats and dogs), who are pampered by comfort of living with people, struggle with excess weight and overeating. Some people don’t pay attention on pet’s ration only makes situation worse. Sometimes loving person tries … Continue reading Overeating is dangerous for our beloved pets

9 signs that cat loves you

8. Power of purring Everyone knows that cute furry creatures purr when they experience happiness. If a pet does this every time you put your fingers on her back or gently scratch his neck, this is a good sign that she looks at you in a special way. 7. The tail twitches from side to side … Continue reading 9 signs that cat loves you


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We are responsible for whom we tamed



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